Kawasaki Construction Machinery: Delivering Hi-tech Wheel Loaders Since 1962

Kawasaki Construction Machinery Corp. of America, a branch of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, has set an unbeatable niche for itself in the field of high-quality wheel loaders. Its influence spans across several nations – United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, and South America.

Kawasaki’s Legacy: High-Quality Wheel Loaders

From the moment it assembled its first rubber-tired wheel loader in 1962, Kawasaki has been committed to excellence. The company is a celebrated supplier of a vast range of wheel loaders and takes pride in being the oldest ongoing manufacturer of these articulated, rubber-tired giants in the world.

The brand achieved this by merging innovative design features with in-depth knowledge from real-world applications. It’s a testament to the brand’s value of relentless evolution, catering to the needs of the industry and support services, through a handpicked dealer network.

Pioneering the Z-Link Design

Embracing innovation, Kawasaki became a pioneer in the industry by developing the Z-Link design. This unique design provides unparalleled utility, high breakout force, and efficiency in its operational machines. It is powered by Cummins and Isuzu diesel engines, embedding durability and serviceability into every wheel loader that comes off their production line.

Assembly & Support Facilities

Known for its attention to detail and commitment to high standards, Kawasaki wheel loaders are assembled at the company’s state-of-the-art facilities in Newnan, GA. The firm ensures top-notch service and support from their operations base in Kennesaw, GA, providing clients with a superior product and an exceptional experience.

Kawasaki ZV Wheel Loaders: Efficiency, Power, Production

Both owner and operator can benefit from the impressive array of features presented in the Kawasaki ZV Wheel Loaders. Owners can enjoy fuel-efficient, emissions compliant engines from Cummins and Isuzu, coupled with increased horsepower and bucket capacities. These features ensure a surge in production, promising a quicker return on investment.

For operators, the job becomes easier and more ergonomic. With a 20% increased cab size, visibility is significantly improved, thus enhancing safety while operating. The loader also boasts higher power output, allowing for more tasks to be completed in a shorter space of time.

Specialized Application Packages

To cater to the distinctive needs of various industries, Kawasaki now provides special applications packages. These include options for handling tasks within logging & lumber, hot slag, chemical & corrosive, and waste handling applications.

Each of these packages are loaded with features designed to efficiently handle industry-specific tasks. This showcases Kawasaki’s commitment to providing solutions tailored to the unique needs of diverse sectors.

Over the years, Kawasaki Construction Machinery Corp of America has proved to be much more than a manufacturer. They’ve evolved to be a reliable partner, aiding industries with quality and innovative machinery, grounded in a rich legacy of industrial experience.

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